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Vintage Turkish Bread Boards


Step back in time and infuse your kitchen with the rustic charm of European vintage hand-carved breadboards. Crafted with care and history etched into every grain, these boards exude a warmth that only comes with age. Originally cherished for food preparation, they now serve as exquisite accents, adding a timeless allure to your culinary space.

Each board boasts its own story, reflected in its distinct size, color, and shape, making it a one-of-a-kind treasure. Though not all are captured in images, you're invited to embark on a personalized journey. Schedule an appointment or a video call to handpick your vintage breadboards, ensuring that each piece resonates with your unique taste and preferences. Let these authentic relics bring joy to your kitchen, evoking smiles with every glance.


Dimensions on all Turkish bread Boards are approximate and may be above of below approximate ranges shown below.

Small Approximate Range: 7"-12"+ Wide x 10"-17"+ Tall

Medium Approximate Range: 12"-25" Wide x 17"-24"+ Tall

Large Approximate Range: 15"-25"+ Wide x 24"-34"+ Tall

All size ranges are approximate, all Boards will be tagged with their given size, which may fall above or below ranges.

These boards are all unique in size & shape. We have a large selection of cutting boards available - Not every board is pictured - please request an appointment or video call to hand select your vintage breadboards.
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