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The Season of nesting & gathering

Explore our Collection of thoughtfully curated accessories to warm up your space this winter

Hauer Market is a curated wholesaler specializing in vintage pottery and collectables for your home.
Inspired by the imperfections and charm of vintage pieces, we have curated one-of-a-kind products within our collection.


The beauty & charm of
vintage goods

Our Vintage Pottery

The vintage pottery in our collection originates from the Chinese countryside, where traditional pottery-making techniques have been preserved for generations. These pieces are a reflection of the rustic charm and authenticity of rural China.

By exploring our collection of Vintage Chinese pottery, you not only acquire a beautiful and functional piece of art but also become a custodian of this remarkable history. These pottery items connect you to the artisans, traditions, and stories of a civilization.


Handcrafted reclaimed furniture pieces 
curated for timeless interiors