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Design Firm Registration

Want to open a Design Firm Trade Account?
We have recently launched our Design Firm Portal, open to Design Firms with multiple working designers*, that meet our application requirements. Our Design Firm Portal allows you to shop our vintage & antique accessories at a Trade Discount, and hand-select pieces from our warehouse
Please complete the submission form below to apply.

*We do not sell at Trade Discounts to Individual Designers.   
Individual Designers can purchase through our Retail Partners

Thanks for submitting!​ We will review your form and email you with your account information.

Design Firm Trade Account

Our newly launched Design Firm Portal is open to Design Firms that meet our Hauer Market Requirements. Our Design Firm Portal is not available to Individual Designers.  

1. Submit the form above & wait to be approved.  

2. Receive a confirmation email from Hauer Market & complete our internal application.

3. Sign into your Hauer Market Design Firm Account to shop our accessories at a Trade Discount. Receive access to our studio & showroom.

4. Start purchasing!

(Minimum order $500 pickup, $2,000 shipping)  

Enjoy being a Hauer Market Design Firm, with the ability to hand select vintage accessories from our warehouse.

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