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Designer Appreciation Day: Celebrating Gil Schafer - Part One: Exteriors, Windows & Doors

When it comes to the world of contemporary classical architecture, few names resonate as strongly as Gil Schafer. Recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts in the field, Gil's work has consistently brought a sense of timeless beauty and functionality to homes across the country. Renowned for his ability to blend timeless design with modern living, Gil's work has consistently demonstrated the beauty and functionality that well-designed homes can offer.

As we celebrate Designer Appreciation Day, it’s only fitting to start with an homage to Gil Schafer, whose dedication to creating thoughtfully designed homes has inspired so many.

A Heritage of Architecture

Gil Schafer's architectural journey is deeply rooted in his family history. With both his grandfather and great-great-grandfather being architects, Gil was naturally immersed in the world of design from an early age. This familial legacy instilled in him a profound appreciation for the impact that thoughtfully designed spaces can have on daily life.

Founding a Distinguished Firm

In 2002, Gil founded G. P. Schafer Architect, a firm dedicated to preserving and advancing the principles of classical architecture. The firm quickly gained a reputation for excellence, earning a longstanding spot on Architectural Digest’s AD100 list. In 2023, the firm evolved into Schafer Buccellato Architects, continuing its mission to create homes that are both beautiful and functional.

Literary Contributions

Beyond his architectural practice, Gil has shared his expertise through his acclaimed books. "The Great American House" and "A Place to Call Home" offer readers insights into his design philosophy and approach. His latest book, "Home At Last," published by Rizzoli Books in Spring 2023, continues this tradition, providing a deeper look into his methods and inspirations.

Revival of Classical Architecture

In an era where modern design often prevails, Gil Schafer’s commitment to classical architecture stands out. His work is a testament to the enduring appeal of traditional design principles, demonstrating how they can be seamlessly integrated into contemporary homes. This revival of classical architecture highlights the lasting value of craftsmanship and timeless aesthetics.

Celebrating Exterior Excellence

For the first part of our tribute to Gil Schafer, we focus on the exteriors of his projects. Gil’s exterior designs showcase his skill in creating harmonious and inviting facades that enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of a home.

Highlighted Exteriors and Details

Onto the Next Part

Gil Schafer’s dedication to classical architecture has made a significant impact on the design world. His work continues to inspire, reminding us of the enduring value of thoughtfully designed homes. As we celebrate Designer Appreciation Day, we honour Gil’s contributions and look forward to exploring more of his inspiring designs.

Stay tuned for more on Designer Appreciation Day as we continue to celebrate the remarkable work of Gil Schafer.

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